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    Our aim is to provide comprehensive leading-edge electronic water treatment, cooling and heating solutions that meet the crucial needs of all commercial and indusial establishments. The outdoor sensory products cover the following technologies:
    ► Prevention of water scaling using electromagnetic fields, preventing corrosion, eliminating zebra mussels (barnacles), improving water flow leading to a major marked decrease in bills and major reduction or eliminating of chemical use.
    ► Elimination of bacterial biofilms in water pipes.
    ► Removing of unpleasant odors and neutralizing ph. of water.
    ► Outdoor cooling, humidification using high-pressure fogging
    ► Electronic Water treatment using ions and oxidation
    ► Electronic Air treatment and ventilation system
    ► Visual fog effects using high-pressure fog (note: same general Technology using different nozzles for visual effects)
    ► Scenting (note: this is an entirely different technology that uses Air delivery of fragrances to indoor and outdoor spaces. Indoor Spaces are much easier to configure as you aren't dealing with the elements but the idea is to fill an area with a background Smell. It could be floral, food related for marketing, ambience Such as the ocean or a rainforest or special effects).
    ► General Trading for all items related to cooling water, and air treatment.
    The technologies we use are excellent in quality and cost-effective to our clients and are delivered within agreed timeframes.

    Opera Framework

    Opera is the provider in cooling Products and Services Solutions and trading with all industrial and commercial companies. The company is headquartered in Bahrain due to the growing predominance of industries and energy expertise in the GCC region with established connections in all GCC countries.

    Major Clients (in the GCC area)

    ALBA - Bahrain
    Carrefour - Dubai
    Bilfinger Deutsche – Saudi Arabia
    Chevron - Saudi Arabia
    Tatweer petroleum - Bahrain
    Givek petrochemicals - Bahrain
    Adhari Park - cooling out door area and water treatment
    Siemens UAE - power generation.
    Ritz Carton Hotel Bahrain
    Dorat Al Bahrain - Bahrain
    Sahara Petrochemicals - Saudi Arabia

  • Corporate Information

    The Undisputed Leader and Innovator in high-pressure Fogging Technology

    Opera Kool specializes in creating high-pressure fog solutions for some of the most demanding applications; applications which demand attention to detail, and the experience to build the most cost effective and efficient solution. We have the expertise to assess and develop solutions which will meet or exceed our customer's expectations. Opera Kool specializes in providing custom engineered, turnkey fog solutions. Our team of highly experienced professionals work closely with each client to ensure that their particular project is a total success.

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    Careers at Opera Kool Inc

    Thank you for inquiring about working at Opera Kool industries. We're always looking for talented individuals who are committed to working in a team environment. Feel free to submit a resume.

  • FAQ

    Frequently asked questions and areas of concern that users have regarding this innovative and cost-effective power boosting fog technology.
    Gas Turbine Applications
    ► FOD (Foreign Object Damage)
    ► Problem of Icing
    ► Concerns Regarding Compressor Surge
    ► Intake Temperature Distortion
    ► Fouling
    ► Compressor Erosion
    ► Corrosion In The Inlet Duct
    ► Blading and Coating Distress Problems

    FOD Damage

    Not a single FOD problem has been experienced to date with NationalT Systems. Extensive safety wiring and analysis of the fog nozzle array for airflow-induced vibration ensures that the structure is strong and cannot break.

    Icing Concerns

    The control system automatically terminates fogging whenever there is any chance of inlet icing due to the static temperature depression that occurs in the bellmouth due to the acceleration of the air to mach number of about 0.5 for heavy-duty gas turbines and 0.8 for aeroderivatives.

    Compressor Surge

    This is only a concern on systems that are being fog intercooled (i.e. those in which a small quantity of overspray is allowed). In most cases the extent of the overspray is a little over the amount that is allowed for on-line water washing. Water injection into the compressor will cause a mismatching of the successive stages as the flow coefficients will increase and the design temperature rises will not be met. This will cause the points on the compressor map to move towards the surge line and increase the stage loading, possibly pushing the later stages nearer to stall. However, the small excessive mass flow rates envisioned have not been a problem in any unit to this date. We have some Frame 7 Units that are operating with heavy overspray for over one year. In general no surge related problems are experienced especially when overfogging by numbers such as 0.6 -1%. Normally, on-line water wash numbers are themselves in the region of 0.4-0.5% on most heavy-duty gas turbines. We do not foresee any problem unless excessive overfogging is done or large water slugs are being ingested into the compressor. Axial compressors have an adequate surge margin and unless the units are operating under frequency there should be an adequate surge margin unless there is severe deterioration of blade condition or tip solidity.

    Intake Temperature Distortion

    This is a concern as axial compressors have stringent temperature and pressure distortion criteria. The NationalT System is designed in multiple stages and each stage has manifolds distributed within the inlet duct to minimize intake distortion. To date no problems have occurred in this area.

    Fouling Concerns

    Fouling and unloading of severely loaded filters has been promoted by high ambient humidity and ambient fog that often occurs during the nights and causes at times high filter delta P trips. However, if the air filtration system is working well, the increased humidity at the inlet itself does not increase fouling. Fouling is a situation that is so site specific that it is very difficult to predict the behavior at times if the No.1 bearing is leaking oil then this may combine with the high humidity to create some fouling. An important issue is to wash the silencers thoroughly to avoid dirt that has been accumulated here to be washed into the compressor by the fogging system. We also recommend a crank wash of the engine after operating with fog during start-up.

    Compressor Erosion

    The droplet sizes are relatively small and CFD studies have shown that the flow will tend to follow the air stream. There is some issue of larger water particles forming on the trash screen and inlet cone of the gas turbine, but with proper design and drainage this can be minimized.

    Corrosion In The Inlet Duct

    The use of demin water can deteriorate inlet ducts that are already in a deteriorated state. The increased humidity is clearly a corrosion factor. With proper maintenance and painting, this problem can be mitigated significantly. The use of SS 316L as the duct material is gaining in popularity as life cycle studies have indicated that while the first cost is a little higher, the life cycle costs are significantly lower.

    Compressor Coating Distress

    Some gas turbines that have undergone overfogging have experienced coating distress in the first few stages of the axial flow compressor. In most cases, this can be minimized by careful location of fogging nozzles, avoidance of excessive water accumulation on ducts and inlet cones, and the use of appropriate drain systems at the nozzle manifold locations, intermediate ductwork, and at the floor of the bellmouth section of the gas turbine. In spite of these precautions, overspray will, over time, create some coating distress. In a few rare cases, there has been some coating distress on units that are undergoing evaporative fogging only.
    There can be several causes of this situation:
    ► Excessive or improper use of overspray.
    ► Improper orientation of fog nozzles
    ► Lack of drains or inappropriately located drains.
    ► Corrosive ambient conditions that will cause acidity and hence coating damage.
    This is an issue that must be resolved by proper inlet air filtration, especially aggressive industrial environments.
    ► Combinations of the above.
    In some cases, if some leading edge coating distress already exists prior to fogging then this would progress with fogging due to the reasons mentioned above.


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