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Fog can be used as a medium to modify the visual and tactile aspects of the ambient environment. Opera Kool™ adds dimension and impact to a design and it can be used to highlight other design elements. Nature is full of examples of sensational fog and cloud effects. For instance: light and wispy strands of morning mist on a calm lake, swirls and eddies of mystical low-lying ground fog, huge cumulus clouds building and rolling over a darkened prairie, thin fleecy streaks of high altitude cirrus clouds glowing pink in the afternoon sun, and thick and mysterious clumps of dense fog clinging to a rocky coast. All of these moods and so much more can be created with Opera Kool™

Amusment Parks

Opera Kool is used to simulate clouds and smoke. Images can be projected in mid-air onto the Opera Kool Screen. The Opera Kool system is the only practical fogging technique for long-term constant usage in amusement parks. With Opera Kool effects, theming possibilities are endless.

Themed Entertainment

Opera Kool is ideal for rainforest and fog theming attraction. Our systems can be used for dynamic fog enhanced entries and walkways. We can even create exciting visual rain effects. No wonder themed restaurant chains choose Opera Kool for their attractions.

Zoos, Aquariums, Gardens

Opera Kool can add the benefits of cooling and humidification by creating the perfect environment for plants within a botanical garden. Pure water fog by Opera Kool produces ultra-fine fog droplets that are nontoxic and environmentally friendly.

Fountain Art

Looking to add sensational fog or cloud visuals to a pool or fountain feature? Rely on Opera Kool to happily blend elegance and simplicity with living, moving, pure water effects that accentuate your design elements.

Private Residence

Opera Kool has over 40 years of experience with designing fog effects for landscape enhancement, and fog cooling makes the area useful even on hot days. For beautiful effects use Opera Kool systems and your imagination.


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